Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Last month I spoke of a child that was terrorizing the class. Well, things have happened and he was removed from his home and won't be returning to our school. I was surprised that instead of feeling relieved, I felt disappointed. I know what happened was for the best, and our class will be a bit calmer now, (still have a couple of wild ones) but this 6 year old little boy is now going to spend Christmas with strangers. The timing stinks.
And, the school system is the opposite of church life. If I was working through the church, I would go visit him, pray with him and let him know someone cares. But as part of the school, I have been told to not contact or visit him, due to liability and what his mom might do. I understand that, but still don't like it.
This little boy is one of many sad children in our community. Please pray for him this Christmas. AND his mom.

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