Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Fall Pictures

I was just thinking.... I am posting fall pictures as I am putting out my Christmas decorations... yea, I am a little slow at blogging. Oh well! here are some pretty pictures anyway!

I am 'cat sitting' for some friends and these pictures are the scenery on the way to their house
Isn't this gorgeous?!

This precious horse let me take a picture of him...

this is some land for sale... Fred wants to look into it, not that we can afford it... :)

we see a lot of cows around here, this one posed for me!

another pretty view

this is the drive to my friend's house, so serene!

say hello to Blaze and Mogley!

my friends have other 'pets'... this is their donkey...
 their pony...

and their horse...

I have a 'thing' for windmills.... I think they are so cool!

ok, so hopefully I will post some Christmas theme posts BEFORE New Year's!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Pictures

I have been trying to take pictures of the pretty fall colors around us.
I know that we don't get the "full" effect of the fall colors as other places,
but it's definitely more than we ever saw in Florida!

This is a tree at the hospital. It had some neat looking nuts or acorns, don't know what....

a closer look at the leaves... 

 this is from my backyard, the tree is in our neighbor's drive

 this is what I get to see out of my kitchen window every day.
I have seen those trees change from green, to yellow, to red. Very cool!

 this is at the church right next to my house.
 I go there on Thursdays for CBS (community Bible study)

and this is in front of a house on my street...
again, I have watched this one change colors and it's been wonderful 

There are a few others I have seen about town and I am hoping to get a picture of them soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

plumbing issues

Well, we found out we have a hot water leak in the slab of our house.... I am new at this, but apparently, this is not a good thing!

We had a plumber come and look into it. They were very nice and upfront about what they would have to do and approximate cost. The warranty and home owners' insurance is not that great, only giving us $500 from the warranty towards repairs. And we have a $1000 deductible on the insurance.

Needless to say, this is a stressful thing for my husband. Satan knows finance worries is Fred's button to push.

Well, we've been praying for God to give us wisdom on how to tackle this problem. I happened to post something about it on Facebook the other day. A guy from our church, who happened to be the inspector to our house before moving, saw the post. He approached Fred Tuesday night at his men's Bible study group and asked him about it. The guy sitting next to Fred is a 'semi' retired plumber who has a lot of experience with slab leaks. Coincidence??  I think not!
He came over today. He has actually done work in this house a few years back. He thinks it can be done around $1000. He'll be coming back next week to start on it.

Now, we are still praying for this process. That they will find the leak without too much tearing of the house, and the cost will be manageable.

But again, we see how God is ahead of us making a way to fix our problems. More and more, we are seeing this happen in our lives. Now, the question is, why?  Is it because we are getting older and appreciate it more? Is it that we have become more sensitive to His leading that we can see the miracles easier? 

I don't know.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks for joining me!!

Well, hello there!! 

boy! this blogging thing can be a headache!  But I think I have fixed it all and life if good again! 

I still need to work on the layout, but my brain is too tired right now, so it will have to wait!!

Actually, what got me started on tackling my blog problem is that Stephany started a blog herself and she wanted me to let you know about it! 

So, feel free to hop over to  and say hi to my little girl!!