Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Pictures

I have been trying to take pictures of the pretty fall colors around us.
I know that we don't get the "full" effect of the fall colors as other places,
but it's definitely more than we ever saw in Florida!

This is a tree at the hospital. It had some neat looking nuts or acorns, don't know what....

a closer look at the leaves... 

 this is from my backyard, the tree is in our neighbor's drive

 this is what I get to see out of my kitchen window every day.
I have seen those trees change from green, to yellow, to red. Very cool!

 this is at the church right next to my house.
 I go there on Thursdays for CBS (community Bible study)

and this is in front of a house on my street...
again, I have watched this one change colors and it's been wonderful 

There are a few others I have seen about town and I am hoping to get a picture of them soon.

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  1. I love fall colors. I sure wish we'd get them here. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Great pics!!