Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Fall Pictures

I was just thinking.... I am posting fall pictures as I am putting out my Christmas decorations... yea, I am a little slow at blogging. Oh well! here are some pretty pictures anyway!

I am 'cat sitting' for some friends and these pictures are the scenery on the way to their house
Isn't this gorgeous?!

This precious horse let me take a picture of him...

this is some land for sale... Fred wants to look into it, not that we can afford it... :)

we see a lot of cows around here, this one posed for me!

another pretty view

this is the drive to my friend's house, so serene!

say hello to Blaze and Mogley!

my friends have other 'pets'... this is their donkey...
 their pony...

and their horse...

I have a 'thing' for windmills.... I think they are so cool!

ok, so hopefully I will post some Christmas theme posts BEFORE New Year's!!

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