Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas on the Square

Tonight, Fred and I went to town to watch the Annual Christmas Parade on the Square. Another reason we love the small town atmostphere!
It was at night so the floats were all lit up. Very cool!   But because it was dark and the lights were bright, I didn't get very good pictures. But here are the ones that are ok.....

The street lights are decorated nicely...
each corner of the Downtown Square has trees like this...

there was a Chili Cook Off...
Fred is checking out the potential competition for next year, haha
As the sun went down, we found a spot for the parade. It got cold!
Mt Pleasant police started the parade...
 the mascot for one of the local schools is a tiger
 this is a really fuzzy picture, but it's Santa Claus on a rocket....
 and Rudolph lighting the fuse! 
 It was really cute and I think it won some kind of prize too
 of course, there was your share of old cars, some really nice one too
 I think this one won something too... pretty good job!

 this is our Bank!  lol
 very cool old soda truck!
 and it ended with several fire trucks from local Volunteer Fire Departments....
Santa Claus came at the end on top of a big fire truck.
As I aimed to take a picture, my camera died!!
 I couldn't believe it.

It was a very nice experience. We even got to talking to an older couple that
decided to come up and sit next to us.
 Have I mentioned how 'pleasant' people are here?!  SO refreshing!

On the way home, we stopped and got our Christmas tree from Lowes. A very nice 7ft Noble Fir.  I am hoping to have some time tomorrow and put the lights on it at least. Baby has already checked it out....
 It is going to be interesting to see if the tree survives the cats!

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