Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Christmas tradition

Our first Christmas in Texas. I have been looking forward to it with mixed emotions. Enjoying the lovely things this town has to offer, trying not to miss the things we knew in Florida...

Last Saturday Fred and I went to the town of Marshall with the other Nassars. It was actually Rachel's idea. She said she heard they had a good light display. Boy! it was that and MORE!
the whole downtown area was converted into Christmas!  We had a great time, and I am looking forward to making it an annual tradition.

I think this is City Hall... so pretty!
this was at the end of a street
 Big candle display!
there was a building converted into Santa & Mrs Claus' workshop...
Grace got to decorate her cookie and make a wooden train.
 all of it was apparently donated by a man from the town... very cool!
Us girls got to go down this ice slope in innertubes, it was so fun!
here we are waiting to get our picture taken in a giant snowglobe
This wasn't free, but I begged everyone to do it.
How often can you get your picture taken INSIDE a snowglobe?!  haha
The OTHER Nassars!!
There were some neat places for photo opportunities..
Even though I kept thinking how much I would love it if my kids were there with us,
we had a really good time.
God continually makes Himself known and wraps His arms around us to show us we are going to be ok. Things may be different here, but it's also good. It's ok to miss our 'past', as long as we don't allow it to keep us from enjoying what God has for us in the here and now.

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