Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Mt Pleasant Texas

The title sounds like a movie, doesn't it? haha
I must admit our 1st Christmas in Tx wasn't as bad as I was dreading....  It was very nice.
On Christmas Eve, we went to the other Nassars to decorate Christmas trees made out of ice cream cones.
It was supposed to be a contest and Rachel's dad was the judge.

here is Fred and Tom in their Natural Habitat.... the kitchen!  lol
getting ready to decorate
this is Fred's
and this is Tom's....

both guys did a pretty good job....

 here is mine!
this is Tiffany, Rachel's niece who is visiting from Florida... she is either taking a picture of her tree or texting, she's 19 after all!
this is her tree, I was so jealous of her snowman!
Tom was disqualified for "excessive decorating"  haha! 
Grace won, but with her Granddad being the judge... we think it was rigged!
(she was eating her cone because it broke in the process, must not waste!)
Fred and I went to the Christmas Eve service. We observed the Lord's Supper. This is the 2nd time we have been part of the Lord's Supper since Fred was diagnosed with Celiac Spru, and both times he looks at me and says "oh, I forgot I'm not supposed to eat the wafer!"  since it has wheat in it.. haha
I am sure it's not going to hurt him as it is so small. But I am thinking on having a talk with our pastor about getting glutten free wafers .   : )

Christmas morning, we joined a family from our church at a local town. Her dad coordinated a 'town breakfast' for folks who may be alone at Christmas. It was free and held at the church. So we went to help with that. I appreciated having something else to focus on besides myself and missing the kids. It was a good thing!  Not the turnout they were hoping for, but it was the 1st year, so next year will be better, I am sure.

Afterwards, Fred and I came home and opened our presents. It was a little funny as we passed the video camera back and forth so we could video each other!

this is the wrapping paper Becky used on my gift that she mailed me... the girl knows me well!! haha
Fred got me a bird feeder tower. It holds I think 3 bird feeders. So excited!
I am going to use it for the hummingbird feeders
 he also got me a Kindle! I love to read, but I admit I haven't picked up a book since we moved.
This new 'gadget' I think is going to help me kick start my reading again!
 PLUS I can have the whole Bible in it and it's a handy resource tool!
Fred got a gas powered chainsaw, and a cordless drill... the guy likes tools!
I found a website that sells ham radio stuff... he got a kick out of the shirt!
I also got him a meat grinder (Tom's idea)
so he is going to make some homemade sausages! yum!
We got a couple more things for each other. I must admit, I have a pretty wonderful husband! (not that I didn't know that already!)  I normally give him a 'wish list' for him go by, but this year he did it all on his own! And he did great!  love that boy!!

Mom came over for lunch, we had a great meal made by Fred, and that evening we stopped by the other Nassars and dropped off our gifts to them. It has be fun having Grace this Christmas.
It's different when there is a child in the mix. Enjoyed getting her gifts.

So, now Christmas is over. I don't usually go through a 'letdown' mood. I am ready to pack the Christmas stuff up and get the house back to 'normal'. But before I do, I will post some pictures of the decorations!

of course, didn't realize the picture was blurry till just now :(
I am loving our fireplace mantle! Finally got to properly hand our stockings!
 my Nativity sets collections had a nice place this year
 The Christmas bunny family with a great view of the front
 the picture frame of all my kids 'Santa' pictures! 
 I love looking at them and remembering when they were little
 I am going to miss the sound of these bells ringing in the wind.
May have to go find a replacement for them!

Looking forward to what 2011 has in store for us!!!

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