Thursday, June 23, 2011

A quick Post..

I guess it's 'feast or famine' with me when it comes to blogging.
But I took a couple of pictures this morning and wanted to post them

this is a new bloom in our front yard.
I am new at having lillies, and didn't know they came back every year.
 And it seems I have more than I did last year too.
I planted a bunch of sunflowers a while back, some of them the 'mammoth' kind.
I love sunflowers and have been waiting anxiously for them... Here is the 1st one!

and I got a 'mammoth' butterfly to go with it! So cool!
There are a couple more right coming right along.
I am hoping I can make a nice bouquet for the dining table.
As far as our vegetables, I gave up on the okra.
Some kind of bugs and worms just killed it all.
But our corn is coming up fast!
And the honeydew melons are doing well so far.
I had a couple of sprouts for the pumpkins,
but something happened and they withered.... bummer....  
The watermelons seems fine so far too. Hope they stay that way.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bluebird Eggs!

I checked the birdhouse the other day and saw this!!! 
I showed them to Savanna yesterday and she noted that there are 5 and 1 'ugly duckling'.  I don't have much experience with bird eggs so I don't know if it's a 'bad' egg and won't hatch or what....
And does anyone know how long it takes for them to hatch? I sure don't want to miss it!

On a completely not related is a picture of my Baby! 
So stinkin' cute!!
She sure does make my heart happy!

in this picture, Kaya is aggravating Baby, trying to bite her butt! haha
It's funny because it's usually Baby bugging Kaya
Now, here is a rare scene.... I caught them both sleeping close together on my bed!
It's like raising kids all over. They fight like... well, I won't say it....
But then they give me a glimmer of hope that they will learn to get along.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Valerie, Valerie, how does your garden grow?

I just saw the last post was a month ago... oops! Well, here are some new pictures of our little garden!

these are the carrots... got quite a few!
this was an interesting one, guess we planted the seeds too close!
in the place of the carrots, I planted honeydew melons, they are coming right along!

after we pulled out all the green beans, I planted pumpkins in their place
and in the place of the sweet peas, I planted watermelon!
 Hoping to have some for Labor Day!
my sunflowers are on the verge of blooming and the gourd vines are doing great!

I pulled out the last of the zuchinni and onions yesterday. We ended up getting about 8 zuchinnis and a ton of onions this time. In their place, I planted corn.  I have been told that corn and watermelon are tough to grow, but we'll see what happens! 

Our peppers are coming along, albeit slowly. I have 1 plant with 3 little peppers coming, so that gives us hope!
So, besides the garden, I have been keeping busy with the birds! I found a website called 'Dunscraft' that sells anything and everything you could want in regards to birds! (might not be a good thing for me!)
I bought a birdhouse and had Fred mount it on the back fence

a blue bird has taken advantage of it and has started a nest in it!!
I am so excited! I hope she has her babies there!