Monday, June 13, 2011

Valerie, Valerie, how does your garden grow?

I just saw the last post was a month ago... oops! Well, here are some new pictures of our little garden!

these are the carrots... got quite a few!
this was an interesting one, guess we planted the seeds too close!
in the place of the carrots, I planted honeydew melons, they are coming right along!

after we pulled out all the green beans, I planted pumpkins in their place
and in the place of the sweet peas, I planted watermelon!
 Hoping to have some for Labor Day!
my sunflowers are on the verge of blooming and the gourd vines are doing great!

I pulled out the last of the zuchinni and onions yesterday. We ended up getting about 8 zuchinnis and a ton of onions this time. In their place, I planted corn.  I have been told that corn and watermelon are tough to grow, but we'll see what happens! 

Our peppers are coming along, albeit slowly. I have 1 plant with 3 little peppers coming, so that gives us hope!
So, besides the garden, I have been keeping busy with the birds! I found a website called 'Dunscraft' that sells anything and everything you could want in regards to birds! (might not be a good thing for me!)
I bought a birdhouse and had Fred mount it on the back fence

a blue bird has taken advantage of it and has started a nest in it!!
I am so excited! I hope she has her babies there!

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