Friday, May 13, 2011

The fruits of our labor!

Call me a goofy city girl, but I am getting such a kick out of our little garden!
 We have been able to pick a few things from it, much more is still to come!
The tomato 'topsy turvy' is doing great. We have a bunch of tomatoes,
but this is the 1st one ready. It had the privilege of becoming part of Fred's 'pico de gallo'. haha
 I was watering the garden when I noticed this big guy! I was shocked!
Fred pulled this carrot to see how big they were getting.
Looks pretty good, but it looks like they have a little more growing to do. 
our first pickings! the sweet peas and green beans are almost ready too.
there are quite a few strawberries, though they aren't getting very big
 And here is what happened to the zuchinni!
We had it for dinner along with some steaks Freddy sent Fred for his birthday. Yum!
our peppers weren't growing much so I put them in separate pots to give them more room.
 I think they are doing better now. 
I am already thinking about the next crops!! this has been fun!

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