Saturday, April 23, 2011

Garden Update!!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged! I am such a slacker!  Our garden is going crazy. We definitely planted too many seeds in the area. But our logic was that we would probably not have good luck, so maybe just a few would sprout. We are learning!  Fred has decided we will be making a larger garden our next go round. We have the yard space for it.....  Ok, here are some pics!

these are the tomatoes... pretty good so far!

Our little strawberry plants weren't doing too great in their individual containers,
so I put the 3 together. there are still strawberries coming!
So here is our box garden....
The squash has totally taken over, we planted way to many of them
our little okra are being covered by the squash, it will be a miracle if we get any
same with our carrots... I think we planted them too early, it took them a while to sprout, and now the squash are coming over to them too... bad squash!
at first, when I didn't think the carrots took,
I went and planted melons in the same spot as the carrots.
We have some coming!
the green beans are coming right along,
and I am not worried about the amount, the more the merrier!
the same with the sweet peas, they are everywhere!
our little herb boxes aren't working real well.
I am thinking of transfering them to a bigger container,
 and planting the Thyme straight in the ground.
we have different kinds of peppers in the small containers too and
 I will be transplanting them to something bigger as well...

I also planted some sunflowers seeds around the yard. One of them is supposed to be a "mammoth" kind, so we will see how big those will get! I love sunflowers!

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  1. What a great looking garden! It must be a lot of fun. :)