Sunday, February 1, 2009


I realized I hadn't blogged in a couple of weeks. Part of the reason was I just wasn't up to blogging because of all the 'stuff' happening.

Nothing really has changed. Andy is still gone, I am still missing him so bad it hurts. I hadn't seen him since he left on the 18th of Jan., so I asked Fred if we could go see him play at his district's final game for the school soccer team. It was all the way in Sarasota on Friday night and the weather was going to go down to the 30s. But I have an incredible husband who knew it was important to me, so we went. I got to watch him play, which by the way, was an amazing game!
We left as soon as the game ended. I didn't really want to have an 'awkward' moment with him. I just wanted to see him. He did make it to church today (don't know who got him), so that is good.

Mom was taken to St Joseph's hospital on Monday. She had a bladder infection, and after a few hours, they sent her home. I took her home with me to watch her overnight. Tuesday afternoon she got bad again and we went to Brandon Hospital. She spent 5 days there and got to leave yesterday. I had her spend the night with us again and I took her home this afternoon. We had already talked about her moving in with us and it was decided on June. But I think we are going to move it up to the end of March.
I have to get educated on diabetes and COPD. I have to learn all about the meds she is taking, the treatments she needs, and all of the services she has. She is getting more and more confused and I just can't rely on her to tell me what needs to be done. I think she is starting to realize that, though she is still quite stubborn and unyielding. So we are all going to learn to adjust.

Prayers will be appreciated as I have a lot to learn about patience and mercy. While at the same time learning to let go of my son who has decided he doesn't need us for anything in his life.
I KNOW God is trying to teach me something, but I am not liking it.... maybe I have a bit of my mom's stubborness....

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