Friday, June 26, 2009

The other morning, Fred hollered 'Valerie, look at the back yard!"
We had 2 visitors. I have seen the sand hill cranes in our neighborhood before, but never in our yard. They are pretty cool looking. These guys were about 4 feet tall. I went outside to take a picture trying not to scare them off. But those birds are pretty bold. They came right up to me and had a stare down. Then they started 'gawking'. They are loud! I told them to hush or they would wake the neighbors! lol
I must say, it was a neat way to start the day.
I am sitting here listening to rain. I love that sound! I wish I could stay here and read my book.
But, good news! Mom is coming home today! I am picking her up in 1 hour.
We are going to make some adjustments in our schedules to make sure she is taking care of herself: taking her meds when she's supposed to, eating.... She has become quite dependant at the hospital, and I will do all I can to take care of her at home, but sometimes it's hard for me to know when I am 'taking care' of her or when I am 'bossing her' around, which causes mom to get agitated.... so prayer for discernment of this will be appreciated!!!

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