Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantasy Football

Fred's cousin Jimmy got him suckered into doing fantasy football. I was surprised Fred did. He makes fun of my 'obsession' with Farmville,FishWorld, and Cafe World. (ok, he may have a point, but that's another blog!)

So, I caught the boys today comisserating over their teams. It was a nice view so I decided to take a picture.... Andy usually is not around much (work and school) and when he is, he is sleeping or watching tv in his room. So any chance we can get to spend time with him, we take it.

Sports has always a good avenue for Fred and Andy. My avenue with him used to be that I was his chauffer. We would have the one on one time to talk about whatever was going on with him.... Now that he drives himself, I am going to find something else..... I wonder if he likes pedicures??? lol

1 comment:

  1. We never let the kids have tv's in their rooms. That way they had to come socialize with us every once in while. : ) Glad they've found a common fun time activity. I bet if he went for a ped he'd love it.