Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Simply Christmas

Last Saturday, the women's ministry at church put on a breakfast. The theme was "Simply Christmas". Ladies were encouraged to adopt a table and decorate it 'Christmasy'. Since I had never been to one of these events at our church, I figured I would just be a spectator this time. There was a buffet with 3 different kinds of breakfast casseroles, including a french toast one. They were all delicious! And we were given the recipes, so now I know what I will be fixing for Christmas morning!
Here are some of the beautiful tables:

Snowmen seemed to be a popular theme....

This was a 2-table theme... 1st one was 'Unto us a child was born'...

2nd one was 'And died to save us from sin'
I liked this one the best because the book 'A tale of 3 trees' is very special to me...

I almost didn't go.... you know how it is, there are a million other things you can do on a Saturday morning. Laundry, cleaning, shopping.... but my dear friend Debbie Hofrichter kicked me in the butt and told I WAS GOING. She, too, had a busy schedule but decided she (and I) never do something just for ourselves and it is good to be with other sisters in Christ. And she was right. I am very glad I went.

Oh! I forgot to mention, we had a guest speaker. Her name was Sharon Jaynes. She spoke from one of her books, 'Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas'. She had some neat ideas, some of which I think I will take up!

Sorry about the blurry pictures. My camera does that when the battery gets a little low....

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  1. That looks like a great time, I also always skip the ladies breakfasts at our church! Maybe I need to go. Maybe I need a Debbie H to make me go. :)