Monday, December 21, 2009


I am off work for 2 weeks. I have been real excited about it. We had the Councils spend the last 2 nights and that was nice. I got to wrap most Christmas presents today (as the kids get older, the presents get fewer and that bums me out, but that's another blog).....
I have been sitting here surfing the net and realized I was in a restless mood. Have I forgotten to relax? hhmmm....

Fred got the official 'in writing' papers from the Tx job. He will be starting on Feb. 1st. I think we can now breath a little easier knowing for certain that we are going. We won't really do anything till after the Christmas break, but then we will get with our realtor and Fred will put in his notice at work.

I am ready to start packing!

But it's not time yet. I guess instead I can pack for our NC trip. We are leaving Saturday to visit with the Stancos in Asheville and then head to my brother's place for New Year's. I am SO looking forward to this trip! I love getting on the road with Fred and leaving everything behind, even for just a week.

AND if we get to see snow, boy! that would the icing on the cake!!


  1. I'm so excited for you! A chance to make some changes and have a fresh start in a new place. Have a great trip up north and say HI to the Stancos from us!

  2. If they are PCSing you, THEY pack, you sort and sift thru stuff to weed out things. OH, and be careful, they will pack your trash can if you aren't looking. :)

  3. I know they are using a moving company for us but don't know if they will pack... frankly, I don't think I like that idea, maybe I am little controling.... and yes, we have been told about the trash too! lol