Tuesday, September 14, 2010

now on to happier things!

I had every intention of posting pics of the kids' visit here as soon as they left. But that didn't happen, of course. (see previous post)

Freddy and Steph arrived on Thursday. Freddy drove 5 hours, Steph flew into Dallas.
Friday, we went to Canton Flea Market. It is a HUGE place and it's open the weekend before the 1st Monday of the month. Everyone around here has been telling us we HAD to go to it, but to wait till it was cooler. So we tried it out, and God blessed us with wonderful weather!

Apparently Freddy has a crush on Taylor Swift, hahah
Steph's new nickname!
have to say the guys were great sports and patient with us girls looking at all the stuff
ok, so everything IS bigger in Texas!
yeah, this is best I could get of the siblings together, Freddy is a goof
we thought this girl was too happy, yeah, did I mention Freddy was goofy?
We actually found these letters laid out....
Fred and I with some crazy lawn ornaments!
stopped at this place....

for this...
the sign was appropriate!
On Saturday, we took the kids into 'town'.... which didn't take long!

found a cute gazebo for pictures...

Freddy taking pictures of the old buildings

On Sunday, it was great having the kids with us in church!!

Went to Chili's for lunch (not many choices in town!)
Freddy showing off his Iphone to his dad

Then, did some relaxing at the house. Didn't feel like doing anymore driving

Steph and I attempting to get our pic together!
about the best we could do!
Freddy in backyard trying to catch pictures of the birds
Here's a couple of the hummingbirds
I think it's so cool that you can actually see their wings 

Monday was Labor Day, so we had Mom and the other Nassars come over for a cookout. Mom's Birthday was on the 8th, so we sang Happy Birthday to her. Tom made some 'molten lava' cakes as well as a 'dark chocolate' cake. The boy likes baking, and we are glad!!
Tom looking normal...
Most of the Nassars together
and last but not least, Grandma and the Grandkids!

It was a wonderful visit, especially since I know the kids weren't all that excited about our little town, but still had great attitudes!  My babies are all grown up, and I don't know how I feel about that!

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