Sunday, February 24, 2013

American Flag from Fence Boards

I have a TON of things from Pinterest that I would love to make. But I admit I haven't made most of them.
Early last year, we replaced our fence and had a bunch of old boards. I went and looked up any and all crafts I could make with them. One of them was a very cool American flag. I totally intended to make it for last year's 4th of July, but alas, I didn't....
About 4 months ago, I had Fred cut the boards I needed to size. But, I still didn't make it.
Well, I finally did! :)

I think it came out so cool! Since I was going for a 'rustic look', I didn't have the stress of making it 'perfect'. I wish I was artistic. I think that would be such a great 'de-stresser'. Oh well, painting fence boards was pretty therapeutic, it made me happy!
I didn't make a 'tutorial' for it, as I was lucky to just get it done. (hehe)  But if I was to make another one, say if someone wanted me to make them one (wink), I would make step by step instructions. Not that it was all that hard, really.
Now, I have to decide where I want to hang it. I want it to be visible to the street, but not sure how I can attach it to the brick wall of the house. Fred will help me figure it out!

Now I just have to finish up another project I worked on while waiting for the flag to dry. I guess I will have to post about that too! LOL

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  1. That is so crafty of you! Now I want one too! Thanks for sharing you creativity!