Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cute little table

It has been SO long since I worked on a 'crafty' project. But now that we have made some space in the back room for my 'craft supplies', I am excited about getting going.

I bought this cute little table from someone for $5. I sanded it down using Fred's electric sander. That was a fun tool! lol


Then, I painted it with some paint we already had. It's a pretty sage green, my favorite color to decorate the house with.


I wasn't worried about putting on a complete coat of paint on it because I am going to use crackle effect.  I let it dry, then applied the crackle formula,

I let that dry overnight, only because it got late. 

But I guess since it was in the garage, there were some spots that were still 'tacky' when I applied the white paint, so there are a couple of 'messed up' spots. But, hey, I was going for the 'weathered' look, so it works!
And to make sure it was all dry this time, I stuck it in front of a fan for little while. 

I am really pleased with the look. And here is what I am using the little table for:

this wall area needed 'something' and I wanted a little space to put my jewelry. I made the cork hanger on the wall and the small frame on the table a while back for the jewelry. 

Now.... what new craft to work on ?? 

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