Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh to have the life of a cat

I have been watching Kaya lately and noticing where and how she sleeps. I thought it was 'blog-worthy'... besides, nothing else to do.

next to me while I read:

On the coffee table, she looks so relaxed:

under the end table, her face looks smooshed:

on the computer desk, usually when I am trying to use the computer, like right now:

The next time Steph visits, we'll have to do some stuff on Bella. She now knows how to 'give high five'. ha ha


  1. can you imagine having that lazy of a life? Ahhh... the very thought just makes me want to purrrrr.

  2. I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!!!! I, being a cat-lover, think the way cats sleep anywhere, in any postion, is so fascinating! Kaya has gotten BIG since the last time we saw her! Has she calmed down any as she's gotten older?