Monday, March 2, 2009

The best Surprise ever!!!

Freddy has this 'lan party' thing he does in Rhode Island. It's a computer gaming convention thingy... He has gone the last 2 oe 3 years and really has a fun time. He saved his money so he could take time off from work and go.
When he takes these trips, I ask him to give me his itenerary: flights, hotel info....

Well, I have been on him for over a week to do it... he kept saying he would but wouldn't.
He left this morning and I was texting him and complaining that he didn't send me the info. He finally texted me around 12:30pm saying he landed. So I called him and told him to send me the rest of his trip's info... He said ok...

I get home from work today and here is what I find:
He DIDN'T go to Rhode Island!! He is here!!
I tell you, I really needed this. I know I am going to drive him crazy, but he has always been patient with my 'weird mom' ness....
He has a lot of friends that have been bugging him to come back and visit so he is going to be busy with them too. But he is here till next Monday and I am sure we will have plenty of time


  1. That's awesome!! Visits are always great, but SURPRISE visits are wayyy better!!! Have Fun :)

  2. Yeah!!! I'm so glad for you. I know you so needed this right now. I pray this helps your heart just a little bit. Love you my friend. Have a great visit.

    I was assuming that the visitor you were waiting for was James Council. Lol My silly.

  3. well, actually my comment on facebook WAS about James... it was a joke to him... I had no idea that Freddy was coming. lol

  4. See........ kids are amazing. And there is hope that my kid will maybe turn out okay. :) (even with weird momness)Enjoy. :)

  5. Hey friend,
    I'm so glad your eldest child did this for you! I know that it helps your hurting heart. I am praying for you and Fred and Andy.
    Love you!

  6. What great news! I'm so happy for you.

  7. It's wonderful that Freddy surprised you that way. Justin came to see us just before he went to boot camp and it was great to see him, even if it was only for the evening.