Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catch Up Post

This is going to be a pot-pourri of posts, just so that I can catch up with myself....

1-The reason I haven't been blogging is because I caught a virus (or it caught me) last week. I had a training class last Saturday and halfway through I started to sneeze... I thought 'it better be cuz of dust'. By the end of the class, my nose was running like crazy. So I think maybe it's allergies. Fred and I stop by Walgreens and get some Zyrtec on the way to our SS class social. (Pictures below), but by the time I went to bed, I had a fever. That fever stayed uninvited for 3 days. I was so sick, I missed 3 days of work. Finally went back on Thursday to find out the whole school has been sick.

2-Our SS social was fun. Robbie & Danny Marsh opened up their home to us and even gave some folks a ride on his boat.
Fred and some others did a little fishing.

And the rest of us enjoyed the "Fellowship"

And, there is always the 'cheesy' shot of me and Fred since I am the one taking pictures, I always forget to make sure I get in one of the shots to prove I was there. :)

by the way, if I haven't mentioned it lately, I really like our SS class. Great bunch of people!
3-I got my job evaluation this week. I am happy to say that I received excellent marks, even though I filled out my self evaluation totally wrong. I guess I 'need improvement' in following directions. At least my principal took it well and got a chuckle out of it....

4-Things with Andy are still not good. I got a letter in the mail about 'Graduation Sunday' this past week and so I have been having a bit of a 'downer' week. But in all of it, I know God is in control and so I wait....

5-Spoke with someone who is going to change some things in the bathroom my mom will be using when she moves in. So Fred and I made a trip to Lowes today... Mom is moving in on April 22. Still A LOT to do.

6-Went to a dear friend's funeral Saturday. Davin Olsen was a great man who loved the Lord with all of his being. He was suffering from 'Huntington's Disease'. It's a degenerate illness that attacks the brain cells. He lived for a very long time with this disease, but he didn't let it stop him from serving the Lord. He attended Bell Shoals and at the funeral, the worship leader said that in all the years Davin was there, he never missed a Sunday or Wednesday with the choir. Fred and I met him at Causeway Baptist when I was in my teens. He was the worship leader and our SS teacher. He was our mentor. He left behind a wonderful lady and 2 sons who loved him a lot. Please pray for God's comfort for them.
7-Now, for the best news from this past week:

This is Sara, my sister-in-law and mom to my 'other kids' Steven & Savanna. For many years, we have been praying that she would come to the saving knowlege of Jesus. She is of jewish background, but also had some specifics views on 'religion'. We have witnessed and spoken with her many times, and she even told me once to quit because I wasn't going to 'convert' her. Well, I didn't .

The family has been casually searching for a church since they moved to NC about 2 years ago. They have been going to one (a southern baptist, woohoo!) and found a SS class that is called 911 because it's primarily people in the medical field ie: nurses, paramedics.... that, I am sure helped Sara feel more comfortable as she and my brother and both nurses. Well. this past week, the pastor visited with them and he was able to lead Sara to the Lord!!!!!!
Getting the call from my brother was one of the happiest moments in a long time. They were presented to the church today and the pastor gave Sara a New Believer's Bible and the Purpose Drive Life book. My brother even said they were given homework! That sounds like this church will make sure my brother and Sara are discipled. And that is a great church! She wants us to come up and see her get baptised so it's tentatively scheduled for June 28th. We will be there, just haven't decided if we are driving or flying... but we would not miss it for the world!!

Ok, I think I am all caught up... I hope to not become a slacker in the future....

PS 11 days till Spring Break!!!!!


  1. That is fantastic news! I rejoice with you about your sil!

  2. Valerie,This is wonderful news. I know sometimes it seems to take forever. We are still pryaing for our neighbor and we've lived here for 26 years! Teresa