Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and flower pics

These are some pictures we took in Tenn. I think they are so pretty, I may blow them up and frame them....

Easter was, well, quiet... Stephany (favorite daughter) came from Orlando. She came to church with us. Saw Andy from afar. He sat with another family. Steph tried to get him to go out with us for lunch, but he declined. So, the 3 of us went to Longhorn. We had a nice time catching up with Stephany, so that was good. Then, came home and just relaxed. James showed up in the evening and the quiet was gone. (haha!)

I sat in church, watching Andy sit with a family not his own, and catching sight of another family that (in my own opinion) have had some influence in what has happened. And all kinds of bitter things start going through my head. Yeah, Ressurection Sunday and that's what I am doing in church. Great, huh?
Well, that's when God started breaking me down. It seemed every song had words for me. Yes, there are people that I believe have not helped the problem, but he has his own will and he is ultimately responsible for his actions.
I think I am progressing on this road of 'letting go'. It still hurts like crazy, but I am moving forward. Life goes on.

I tried to download the video but it wouldn't let me, so here is a link to the video of one of the songs played on Sunday. It's actually my church but from last year. It's funny though, the girl singing it is wearing the same dress that she wore on Sunday. he he!

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