Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun Continued...

To finish off Fred's vacation week, we went to Treasure Island and stayed at a little condo right on the beach. Steph, my DARLING daughter, came for the weekend to stay with my mom. That was VERY sweet of her.

The view was great:

The beach was relaxing:

We did some bird watching:

There was a bird couple that we watched. It seemed that the boy bird brought the girl bird (who was chunky, possibly pregnant?) a fish. The fish was bigger than she could swallow in one bite, so she was having a little trouble.... while she worked on it, the boy bird would scare off any other birds that would try to get near her. It was a very romantic sight!!!

Fred wanted to try out a restaurant on Friday night called Sloppy Joe's and it was only .4 of a mile from our place. So we decided to walk to it. Now, I have no sense of direction and I put my trust on my level headed husband. We start walking 'south'. We walk and we walk and we walk... It's 5pm and I am wearing flip flops. After walking a while (more than .4 of a mile) , we decided we were going the wrong way. SO we head back the other way... we pass our condo and keep going. Sure enough, we find the restaurant a bit later. By the time we got there, we were soaked in sweat, my feet were burning like I stepped on hot coals. My face was beet red and all through dinner, Fred kept saying 'are you ok? your face is so RED!' hehe

Over all, it was an adventure and we survived to tell it, so no complaints!

Saturday night, we walked the beach and watched the sunset. That was very nice...

I found a ring in the sand... pretty cool if it was real! lol

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, we spent time at John's Pass

And before heading home on Sunday, we had lunch at Bubba Gump's.... we got some shrimp!

We had a wonderful time, all be it too short. I am so blessed to have a husband that is my best friend and we don't get tired of spending time together. I look forward to many more amazing trips with him!!

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