Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer fun... so far

Normally, we would have headed to NC and spent some great time with the Stancos. But with mom moving in with us, the plans changed. She can't be left alone and she can't travel. So... we did something locally.
Fred took the week off last week and went camping from Monday till Wednesday at Fort DeSoto beach. He bought a 'truck tent' and set up his ham radio and had a good ole time.

I met up with him on Tuesday for the day, but I went home to my comfortable bed that night. :)

Thursday, I mentioned that I was hoping to go to Dade City and hit up some antique shops before Summer ended, and Fred said " Let's go!", which was a nice surprise since he is not really into 'window shopping'.... and speaking of windows,

I have been looking for an old window pane to hang on my wall. I have seen this type of decoration in books and in the cabin we stayed in Tenn. Again, Fred surprised me by being the one that found it. And he encouraged me to get it. Now, I know this is not something he would think of using as a wall decor, so it really meant a lot that he was so cool about getting it. I love my hubby!!

We had lunch at a little place called 'A Matter Of Taste'. It was quaint, which is exactly what we were looking for.

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