Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Andy's wheels

Andy bought himself a car about a month or so ago, 1996 Cavalier. Before he moved back home. I have been meaning to post pics of it, but, well, you heard my excuses on the last blog.....

Since he only paid $900, it comes with many 'issues'. One is the gas gague doesn't work. So he has to estimate how far he can go with the amount of gas he puts in. No air conditioner, back seat is detached, front passenger seat doesn't move forward and it's a 2-door. But, hey, he has a good battery!! LOL

He was proud of himself for purchasing his own car, when I took him to get the tag, he grinned from ear to ear when he walked out with it in his hands. I am proud of him.
But now he's frustrated. He is realizing that it's going to cost him $$ to fix the car, and he's not one to give up his money easily. lol
I told him the car needed a little 'love' to get it up to snuff. It's got to last him at least 2 years.

He is getting great life lessons, and he'll be the better for it.

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  1. Tell him my first car was prone to the door falling off when I opened it at the worst possible moments...... it is a good way to learn about fixing the simple things yourself.....