Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family visit

Ok, so it has taken me 2 weeks to post about my siblings' visit. My only excuse is that school has started and I have been completely exhausted every night! That and I have found a new obsession in Farmville. (but that's another post)

My brother and family came down on Aug. 19th. They stopped by and picked up a little package, Sarathena. She is Sara's daughter's 6 week old baby. So, my brother became a Grampa before me and his kids are 11 and 9.... how weird. At first, he said he 'was not going to be called a grandpa!!'.... but she won him over and I convinced him he should be 'G-Daddy'. He likes that. (that's him holding her) She was definitely the entertainment for the week.

They stayed with us from Wed. till the following Mon. My house went from very quiet to 'not so' quiet. But it was nice. We also worked it so my sister came from Ga. on Friday to surprise my mom. Mom is turning 80 on Sept. 8th and we thought it would be cool to have the 3 siblings together and celebrate her birthday, all be it a month early. It added to her surprise! She was shocked when my sister walked in the house. So much so, I got a little worried about her health. But it was all good.
We got a her a flat screen tv a little bigger than the one she had in her room hoping it would help with her bad eye sight...
I think mom really got a kick out of the party. Of course, my brother and Fred did all the cooking so the food was delicious. (and Fred was barely conscious from the pain meds!)

Steph also came down for the weekend and hung out with the baby. Pappi (little Steven) has grown so much! He has gotten tall and has lost his 'baby' face.
And Savanna is as sociable and chatty as always. Steph and I took her to get an outfit for school...

The family left on Monday night to Puerto Rico... I am so jealous! I am really hoping to be able to go there in the next couple of years. And I would love to take my kids, I think they would really like it.
Here is Father and son at a cafe in Puerto Rico. For those of you who knew my brother, you can see how much weight he has lost. He looks really good!

Since we don't know when the family will be all together again, we took some 'pose' pictures....

This is my family.....

But like I said, Sarathena was the star of the week. We all took turns with her....

I love this picture... This is how I used to put Andy to sleep... it worked just as good for Sarathena!!

Ok, last but not least, I realize I didn't take a single picture of Sara. So I stole this from her facebook. Here she is enjoying the great Puerto Rico sun!

It was wonderful to see the Gonsalves clan again. Sara was hoping to have us to up for Thanksgiving. I would love to, but I don't think I could talk Andy & Steph to go with us, and I am already not having Freddy for Thanksgiving, I don't really want to be away from them too...

God is so good. He is really working in my brother's family. I am excited to see what HE has in store for them!

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