Friday, March 5, 2010

How amazing is God? Let me count the ways!!

I am in complete AWE of how God is being so gracious to us Nassars! I started to look back and see how He has orchestrated everything down to the smallest detail, and I fet like sharing!

1- Granted our heart's desire and gave Fred a job (great job) near his brother in Texas
2-Sold our house in 3 weeks, and pretty close to our asking price
3-Gave Fred a place to stay with his brother rent free
4-Gave Fred a pay increase on his 1st paycheck (2010 increase)
5- Has been with Steph as she is making a fresh start: got a new apt, her UNOs shut down but was requested by another store to come work for them where it may be more money
6- Gave Andy a place to live with his soccer coach
7- Allowed Becky's house to sell the same week ours did, so I don't feel bad about heading to Texas before my best friend!
8- Movers coming on the 22nd, closing is on the 31st, so I needed a place to stay... Becky needs me to house/kid sit from 21st to 31st, so there it is!
9- Fred can't come down for closing so I will have to travel to Tx by myself. WAIT, no! The Caddells are going to San Antonio on April 2nd to house hunt, so I get to caravan with them!
10- I will be taking Kaya with me, so I felt bad about asking Caddells to work with me about the hotel needing to be pet friendly... NO WAIT... they are taking their dog with them so we need the same thing!
11- Fred found a house in Tx and will be putting a bid on it today. It's small but fits our needs. And WAIT.... I have been IN this house before! It used to belong to his brother about 4 years ago. So I have actually stayed in our 'potential' new home!

I am telling you, it's mind boggling at how well things have been going with this whole new turn of our lives. The only thing that is still up in the air is my mom.... She still doesn't have a place to go. She is ABSOLUTELY not going with me. (she said she would rather be in a shelter than go)
That is the first thing people ask me when they see me "what about your mom?" I tell them I have no idea, but I am not worried. So, either I am REALLY naive, or God has helped my faith grow by leaps and bounds and I know He will handle this too.... I tend to go with the second one.

I have missed my husband terribly, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will see him in 30 days!!


  1. This is all so awesome! I love seeing how God has handled every detail so perfectly so that this move can be fun and not stressful. I can't wait to follow your new adventure when you get to Texas through your blog! So exciting!

    On a sad note, we are going to be in Florida the week after Easter and now it looks like we'll just miss you!!!!!! Bummer!!!!!

  2. Valerie,
    I am so excited to hear about everything God is doing for you and Fred. He is always so good and His timing is absolutely perfect. I'm excited to hear that the Caddels will be in Texas with you. How exciting for all of you. I know God will provide the right situation for your mama. I'm so sorry she is being so stubborn for you, but I know God will continue to give you the strength to endure the final 3 weeks here. I will love and miss you but I too can't wait to read your new adventure.

  3. Valerie, a lot of people would call these coincidences, but we know better. God cares about every little detail - even if our pets can stay at the hotel with us! So sorry to seeing you guys go, but maybe we'll make it out to Texas to visit. You never know!

  4. Val, thanks for sharing all of these wonderful blessings of the Lord. Very encouraging to read all that God is doing in your lives. :)