Thursday, March 25, 2010

One chapter closed... sorta

Well, the movers hauled my stuff yesterday. It's on its way to Texas VIA Miami. hehe
They are picking up another load. The 2 guys that came were a dad/son team. Matt Sr and Matt Jr. They are from Houston. So they had never had a cuban sandwich. So, of course, I had to get them one for lunch, and I threw in a devil crab. They looked at me funny when I told them about the devil crab... lol
They were so great, very thorough and helpful.
I was supposed to close on the house this morning, but got a call from my realtor last night that there was a 'glitch'. I hate glitches. Apparently the buyer and his lender had a difference of opinion on what the cash down payment was supposed to be. $3000 difference. My realtor assures me that they are still in love with the house, they have the money, they just want to deal with their lenders first.... My realtor says we are ok with time since our original closing date isn't till the 30th , and she is sure we will be done before then.
In the meantime, I wait....
And of course, yucky news don't come one at a time. Fred got the home inspection report on the house we are trying to buy and it has problems. Lots of problems, and not little either. So, he is going to speak with the inspector, get his view on the matter and possible cost. If we feel it's worth moving forward, we'll contact the sellers and see what they will do. Otherwise, it's back to square one. Again....
But you know, I have no feelings on this whole matter. I am just tired. We are supposed to leave the morning of the 31st (next Wed.) after I take Katie and Matt to school. Yeah, I said "we".
Mom is going to Tx with me. Not really by choice on either of our parts. It came down to last Thursday night and she had nowhere to go. She'd said all along that she would rather go to a shelter than go to Tx. Well, I told her Thursday night it was time to call a shelter.... Of course, that didn't happen. We were able to contact the movers and add mom's stuff, which is a relief. Otherwise, we were going to put it in storage here indefinitely.
This has not been pleasant. Mom's state of mind is bad, but she is sure that I am making things up and lying to her just to make her feel like she is insane. Now, how do you reason with someone like that?
I miss my husband. I know when I get to be with him, all this 'stuff' will be easier to handle.

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  1. Val,
    I know that this is a very hard time in your life. It will get better and you are right, when you are with your husband things will be easier to handle. God kind of made us like that. :) It is a bit sad seeing your house empty. I always shed a few tears as we leave a house. They all have memories.....