Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One of the things I am enjoying most living here is the birds around our house. I know I sometimes sound like a total "city girl" when I get all excited about seeing a hummingbird. But I have honestly never seen one in person. I didn't realize how small they are! This plant (don't know the name) seems to be a favorite to the hummingbird. I have a couple of them around our gazebo.
I also got a feeder as a 'gesture of friendship'.  lol
Fred and I sit at the breakfast table every evening to eat dinner and watch 'the show' the birds to put on for us. The hummingbird flying crazy from flower to flower.
 We also have mockingbirds, and they chase each other around in the yard, through the tree. They look like they are having such fun!.
( I stuck an apple in a branch to see if they would like it, and boy, did they!)
This is actually a little cat that used to hold a glass bowl for a beta fish. I broke the glass a while back and decided this was a great birdfeeder. The birds don't seem intimidated by kitty since I am having to fill it up at least once a week!
We also have some cardinals, but I haven't been able to sneak a picture of one yet. Working on it!

Our neighbor told me there are finch around here too. I think I saw one the other day. I am so new at this bird watching thing, I need to get me a book or something.

We have a big oak tree in the front yard and I hear all kinds of birds in it every morning, so I thought I would put a feeder out there too. It's a cute little mesh church shape....
Yesterday I went to see if I needed to refill it and saw this:

Some little booger has ripped the mesh trying to get to the seeds!  Fred said it's probably a squirrel, though I have yet to see one around here. That really bugged me. I need to strategically think of what birdfeeders to put out from now on....

Through all this bird watching and activity, it makes me think of my dear friend, Linda. She loves birds and knows about all kinds of them. I call her whenever I see a new one. I miss her.

That's all I got for now!  :)


  1. I think it's a satan squirrel, ripping holes in the church. :(

    Seriously, I'm excited about your bird action. They are a wonderful example of God's creative handiwork. Your hummingbird activity should pick up over the next few weeks (migration). Have fun.

  2. I love the pictures of the birds and your yard. We too enjoy the birds that we get to watch. We didn't have many in our yard when we lived in TX, but then again We only had one "stick" of a tree for them to land in! I guess on further thought, we did have hummingbirds. We hung a feeder for them outside our back window. We even had one fly into our house on 2 separate occasions!

  3. Kathy, the day we were moving in, a mockingbird got in! we were so worried cuz it kept hitting the walls and windows trying to escape.... but it finally found the door!