Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watermelons for Halloween?

First off, shame on me! Haven't posted since June!  And it's not like I don't have anything to say! haha

Oh well, not going to try and catch up with all we did this summer, except to say it has been HORRIBLY hot! I lost the corn that was coming up. One by one the heat took them. I had a bunch of vines from the watermelons, but no melons. I thought about digging it all up, but figured I would just let them go on.

Last week, I was in the backyard and looked at the garden. And there was a watermelon! It looked more like a cucumber in size, but I was excited!  So I have been diligent about watering and keeping an eye on it. Grace and Savanna went back there Sunday and they say they counted 6 of them! Granted, 2 are coming up, the others are still tiny, so we'll see how they go.
I planted them back in July, thinking we would have watermelon for Labor Day. I joked with Grace that maybe we'll use watermelons instead of pumpkins to carve our Jack O Lanterns!  haha
I have no idea if they will grow all the way or if they will taste good. But I am just so tickled to see something growing in our little garden even with this awful heat/drought!

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