Wednesday, September 19, 2012

more fence boards crafts

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here... I have gotten lazy, plus it's so much easier to post on FB, my other home!  lol

But I wanted to blog about my latest fence board activity.  The hall bathroom has 1 towel rack. Normally, that is plenty, since it's just me and Fred, it hardly gets used...

But when we have my other kids (Steven and Savanna) visit for a few days, they need more places to hang towels, and they go through a lot!  hehe

I intended to have these made before they came to visit us this summer, but didn't. Well, better late than ever, I guess!

First thing, I had Fred cut me 2 pieces from the top part of the board. 
I did the crackle treatment on it like I did the shelves. 
Fred thought it would be best to screw them straight to the wall, making them more stable.
Then he screwed in the hooks. I bought these at Lowes for under $2. 

That is pretty much it!  Simple project that solves a towel problem. 

And now that Andy is moving here, this will be his bathroom. And he likes to go through towels himself, so hopefully, this will keep them off the floor!  :)

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