Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Shirts

I highly desire to be 'crafty', but I have a long way to go!  hehe

This year, my class at KidFirst has a younger group of kids than last year. Some aren't even walking yet... So, doing crafts for the holidays with them is a little limited... Handprints are always a  cool thing to do since they won't stay little for long.

We traced the handprint to cardstock and cut out copies out of fabric. I don't do much sewing, so I found the stuff called "heat bond". It is supposed to work really good, but I had some issues with it sticking. We had to do a bit of sewing. Oh, WE means me and my great coworker, Ashlee Green. Honestly, she pushed the project forward. I waited to get started on them and was short on time. She persevered and helped us to finish them!

I think I would like to do them again next year, but I will start earlier and actually sew the materials.  But, all in all, they turned out cute, and if they make it just through Thanksgiving Day, I will be happy!

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