Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebrating Anthony Thomas Nassar

17 years ago today at 5:02am, the world received Anthony Nassar, Andy to those near and dear. Yes, it's Anthony NOT Andrew. I didn't want anyone to start calling him Tony, so we gave him Andy as his nickname. It fits him, I think.

He is now a Junior in high school. I remember when he was a baby, he was a happy little boy. Steph had a new baby doll to play with and has been his 2nd Mom. He lives to play soccer since he was 5. He had a mustache in 5th grade and now has a full beard because he hates to shave. He's kinda a homebody, though not completely. He likes trying all kinds of foods, though don't offer him any fruit at all, and is the only kid I know that won't have any of his own birthday cake. He is a funny guy with a sarcastic streak. He MUMBLES when he speaks and gets aggravated when we keep saying "huh??". He has the fastest thumbs in the west! I swear he holds the record for most texts in one month. (Last month was over 1400!!)

I like it when we are going to soccer practice and listen to the "oldies" radio station. He and his dad will play Madden Football and I will hear Fred yelling as Andy does some smooth moves on him. Even though he won't admit it, he likes watching chick flicks with me once in a while. Though some people may say I am biased, I think he is one of the best looking young men around.
Someone told me he was a "momma's boy". I don't think so, I think I am an "Andy's mom". I really like him.

I am proud of my son, and I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to work in his life.

I am hoping to put up a slide show of "Andy's life" soon... need to get a hold of a scanner. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Andy!!!
    You're an awesome young man. Stay strong for Christ. We're proud of you.

    Mr. Dean and Mrs. Mary

  2. umm i wanna set the record straight! Im pretty sure he does a record 3000 texts on AVERAGE a month !!!! but i could be wrong but i thought it was something ridiculous like that! anyway he gets all his god qualities from me!! :) im proud too he followed in most of my footsteps and made them larger!!!

  3. I meant GOOD qualities!

  4. Give me your id and pw so I can update your sight for you...:-)