Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok, so I haven't gotten around to scanning pics of Andy... but a "dear friend" has been "encouraging" me to update, so here I am!

Let's see, what's new: most of you know I have been battling headaches for a few weeks. (thanks for the prayers!) the update on that is that I ruled out the meds for my rheumatoid arthritis, my eyes checked out ok, and my dr. doesn't think there is anything wrong with my neck. So, even though that doesn't sound very encouraging, (and I had a "poor me" moment yesterday) I haven't really had a headache today. The ophtomologist suggested wearing my reading glasses all the time to relieve eye strain and I THINK that is working. Time will tell, I guess.
Andy has been real sick since last Thursday. He had a fever between 101-102.6 for 4 days, which had me worried. No more fever, but he's got a respiratory infection and is still real weak. Not good for a Junior in high school with AP and honors classes. We'll do what we can to help him catch up... Got a text from Steph in Orlando saying she had the same symptoms... SHE can't afford to not work for a week while the virus runs its course, so PLEASE pray she recovers quickly... Freddy is Freddy you know...wait, something new about him: he is transferring from Regency to Westshore AMC. He says the change is what he wanted... hope he's right.

Fred & I have been talking and have decided to actively start planning on purchasing land in Texas. We hope to go this Summer on vacation and look around. (plus visit his brother!)

My work is about the same. Some good days, most kinda rough. I do come home with some funny stories to tell at dinner time.

Church is good. We joined First Brandon the first weekend in Jan. Now we are trying to find our place. The 1st thing is to try and get to know the folks in our SS class. That's why we are hosting a Super Bowl party. I have to admit, I am torn about this. In one hand, it's the right thing to do as we are trying to make new friends. On the other hand, I am going to miss hanging with the Ross, Caddells, and the rest of our friends from our KABC SS class.
Have I mentioned I don't do well with change?

Over all, I can't complain. Every night when I turn in, I thank God for my husband, kids, family & friends, and all that He has blessed me with. Even the little kids in my class.
God is good ALL the time!


  1. There is a virus going around that can triger headace. I had it-trigered a migrane for 5 days along with nasuea and feaver. I had to go to doctor and was put on medication for nausea and severe migrane. Feal much better now but what a rough week last week.

  2. OK--this is no longer UPDATED!! Either change the title or add something recent.uakrfmnf