Sunday, February 10, 2008

I miss...

my friends!!

1st Brandon is now our church home. We really like it there. The Sunday School class we're in is filled with very nice, friendly people that we are still trying to get to know. We even had a Super Bowl party at our house to help us put names and faces together...

But I miss the familiarity of KABC. I miss our SS class, stopping by to say hi to Shannon and her girls, talking with Sharran between SS & kids church (she is a GREAT story teller!), trying to catch Lisa down the Prek halls to say good morning to her, talking with Cindy or Terri (whoever had the turn) at the Welcome Center. And, of course, getting a hug from Bill was a must!

Change is hard for me, but that doesn't mean it's bad for me... I just need to look at it as an opportunity for God to show me something new.

And what is so funny to me is that Fred is adjusting pretty well. Probably 2 months after we started going there, he was being approached by the SS leader to consider teaching in the future.(God had placed people in this man's path that told him of Fred and his teaching) Today in class, I made the comment that we were happy to be in the class, and someone spoke out and said they were glad because they liked his "grape leaves" (from the party).
And who am I? Fred's wife... ha ha. Don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing to be. It's just that I am used to doing my own thing and people knowing me because of the Children's ministry. So it's a little humbling right now for me. Again, not a bad thing...

I will figure out where God wants me. Maybe it's back with the kids, maybe not. In the mean time, I have to do something about staying in touch with the girls at KABC. I'm thinking a dinner & movies night? It's been a while!


  1. James and I are feeling a little "unused" too. We both miss working with AWANA and VBS and whatever other children's ministry programs there are. We do the extended care but it just isn't the same.

  2. We were in the car coming home from the Y and J stated "I want to go to Ms. Valerie's"...I guess she misses you too.