Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

this day can be hard for some... pressure to step up and do something romantic when it's not your nature, a reminder that you don't have a "special person" in your life at the moment, getting your hopes up for something that doesn't happen...

I like Valentine's Day. I made up little cards on publisher, taped chocolate hearts to them and passed them out to the teachers and support staff at my school. I also ordered through the student govt. lollipops to be delivered to my kids in my class. So, I like to give on Valentine's day.
I am a person who is very emotional. I married a man who is not. God knows what he's doing when he pairs people up. You've heard it: we balance each other. But it can be frustrating at times, for both of us. He doesn't get why I get upset over things he finds trivial. I don't get why he thinks they are trivial!

We will be married 24 years this April. I have learned how to appreciate the real important things in life. Fred showed me that. And I hope I have helped him "feel" a little. It makes life fun!
Funny, I see a lot of me in Steph and a lot of Fred in Freddy. Andy seems to be a little of both of us, leaning more towards Fred, I think... I am so blessed to have the family I do. I hope my kids will know that there is nothing more important (here on earth) than family. That's where you are going to get everything you need: support, direction, love, laughter, encouragement.

Even though Fred refuses to acknowledge Valentine's Day as a holiday, I'm glad he makes the effort for my sake. He's a good guy, I think I'll keep him.


  1. That's right Fred is a good guy!

  2. That comment must be from Fred.

    I am also more on Fred's side for this holiday. While I have only been married for 10 years (different...well you know the word I am thinking), I have learned to do "something" and Anna has learned to accept my attempt. It works for us also.

    This year I presented her with 12 roses of different colors at the Karate school. I know that given at home...not as special as in front of people. I also got Madyson and Jael one rose each. Landon got nothing as I am not going to partake in a self fulfilling prophesy of buying the boy some "pansies".