Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spoke too soon...

boy, I have had a rough couple of days. After posting the last blog, I have been so sick! I don't know if it was a reaction to the pain meds or what, but I have been so queezy and dizzy, it's not funny. And I have been really weak, can't walk much further than to the bathroom before feeling like I have climbed a mountain!! No fun!
I went to church today and sat through the singing. The pastor asks that everyone is standing for the reading of the morning's scriptures and I agree. But I thought he was going to read the whole bible before he finished! ha ha .
I have our Crown class tonight and I really want to go, since I didn't go last week cuz of soccer. I may not give much to the class, but I want to be around the folks anyway. This is a really neat group of people and I always look forward to meeting with them.
Now, work tomorrow, I don't know yet. I need to show up for my teacher's sake, I just don't know if I will make it through the day.
I may give the Dr. a call tomorrow and see what he suggests for all my weakness.

On a good note, I think I have lost at least 5 pounds!! not that you can tell, lol. And the way I am dreaming about my first meal, I am sure I won't have any problem finding the pounds back!

Well, gotta go, I talked Fred into getting me a strawberry milkshake on the way to class!! yeah!


  1. Pray that you will be feeling better soon

  2. Mmmmm....Strawberry milkshake.....Tasty. Hope you get better.


  3. Woman. Get better. This is not good news. Sick yucky! Well GOOD! :)

  4. Steak n' know they have those here in Knoxville, too!?!

  5. I LOVE Steak & Shake!! They have the best strawberry milkshakes!!