Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm such a dork...

I would use a stronger word, but this is a family friendly blog...

Steph's puppy Bella has been very sick for the last 3 days. 2 trips to the vet, blood work, xrays, and still no idea what's wrong. Steph is a mess and she's all alone cuz all her friends went out of town including her roommate.

She had to work today 5-10pm. Here's where I am dork:

I started thinking that it would be horrible if Steph came to find Bella, well, you know. So I texted her to call me before she got home. She calls me as she is cashing out and I tell her I want to be on the phone with her when she gets home. Right away she panics cuz she thinks I know something bad... she starts crying, I start crying. I told her I had no way of knowing. She calmed down and said she'd call me when she got home. She called her neighbor and he went to check on her. She was the same, which is better than the alternative, but she had thrown up the little water Steph had given her.

My girl is at the end of her rope with worry and what does her mother do? Make it worse...
dumb! dumb! dumb!

It's still going to be long night...


  1. So how is Bella today. Hope Bella is ok. Post something to le us know

  2. its ok you are not dumb.. im just so sensitive and scared right now thats all... KEEP PRAYING i need her to get better!