Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ok, Day 3 & 4

nothing too exciting going on with Bella. She is still pooping everywhere. She loves riding in the car, so I took her with me to the airport last night to pick up Freddy from his trip to Rhode Island. AT MIDNIGHT! I am tired, to say the least.
I had a weird thing happen to me on the way home from the airport. I was driving on I275 and I started having tremors/shakes. My whole body was trembling as if I was freezing, down to chattering teeth. But I wasn't cold. Freddy looked at me and asked "are you going to kill us?" I was working real hard at holding the steering wheel without shaking. I finally decided to pull over and have Freddy drive. I shook all the way home. It lasted 30 minutes. By the time it ended, my body was exhausted. I felt like I had ran a marathon, the muscles all over my body ached. I have no idea what it was, though the closest thing I can think of would be a seizure, except I never lost consciousness and I was able to speak (between shivers)...
This happened to me 6 years ago when we were living in the apartments while our house was being built. I didn't know why it happened then either...
I guess I should go to the doctor. But I feel that they probably will put me through a bunch of tests only to find out they don't know why it happened. That's a real pain and time I don't want to waste... Anyway, I figure if it happens every 6 years, I can live with it, right?

Well, I gotta go. Idol is on!!!

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  1. OK, can I just say "EEEWWW" about the pooping everywhere?!?!?!? TMI!