Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 2, spoiled dog

I was supposed to put Bella in the cage last night while we slept. But she cried so bad, I felt sorry for her... so I let her out. I knew Fred wouldn't be keen on her sleeping with us, so I laid on the couch and she climbed up. After a couple of minutes, she went over to the love seat. I wasn't going to sleep on the couch if I didn't have to, so I went to bed. Sure enough, a little while later she shows up in my room. So I scooped her up and she spent the rest of the night in our bed. Fred had no idea so that means she didn't bother him. The funny thing is that Kaya usually sleeps with us and now she's mad. She will not share the bed with a dog, so I don't know where she was last night.

Now the hilarious part: I mentioned it to Fred and he said "why doesn't she just jump in, there's room" . This is the man that would be thrilled if my cat took a walk off a short pier and was not happy about our barky friend spending a week with us. ha ha!!

I think it's going to be long week at the Nassars.

Below is a picture of Bella and my attempt at giving her a bath. I don't think I did a very good job. She stills smells like a dog.


  1. Hope uou feel better valrie. Looks like your doing great babysitting,keep growing strong Bella.Hope Steph had a fun crusise and she got not one bit of seasickness,Pray steph comes back rested

  2. They are supposed to smell that way. They are DOGS! :) Kaya will forgive you eventually. :) Good luck this week.

  3. It sounds like she is doing better though! Hooray for Bella the "miracle puppy"!! I'm sure it gives Steph peace of mind to know you're caring for Bella and spoiling her some too :)
    Laci :)