Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 1

Steph left the house at 7am this morning. It was the longest goodbye in history (between her & Bella, not me) bella cried for a little while, that was sad.

Bella is doing fine... she is not as active as she was back in Dec when she visited last, but that's ok... she's eating,drinking and pooping, so all is working well.
I have come down with a rotten cold so she and I have been doing a lot of sitting around and watching tv. But I have to get the strenght to give her a bath. She stinks like a dog!! ha ha

She needs to take 1 pill and 2 liquids twice a day. Steph did this morning, so my 1st try will be tonight.
My poor cat Kaya, I think she is going to hide in my room this week. Last time Bella visited, it took them 3 days to aclamate to each other.

Keep Steph in your prayers. Pray she doesn't get motion sickness, food poisoning. That she has a great time. Cuz this is the last of the fun for a long time. She has to work VERY hard to catch up with her finances...

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