Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well, I haven't updated because it's been a roller coaster of days... On Monday, Steph went in and Bella was a bit more chipper and sat up for her... Tuesday she was back to just laying around... I couldn't take it anymore, I went to Orlando today. I met Steph at the hospital at 11am. Bella had been taken off the IV and hadn't thrown up in 24 hours. She walked over to Steph and started licking her. That was good. One of the workers went ahead and gave her water and food to see how she would do. She drank the water, but didn't touch the food.
We came back at 6pm and Bella got up to greet Steph. She still hadn't thrown up. We talked with a couple of the workers and they said she was doing really good. When we mentioned that she didn't eat, they looked and said, "oh, that's the gross stuff none of the dogs like". They gave her another type and she went at it. We were thrilled! But then, Steph had to go to work so we started to leave and then we heard scratching on the cage, her tail wagging so hard against the cage that it echoed, and she BARKED!! I tell you, I did a little dance.
The workers said that if she keeps it down, she could go home tomorrow. Steph called her the miracle puppy and I told the ladies that there were churches praying for her everywhere.
Now, I am still holding my breath that all goes well tonight and she can leave tomorrow. There is always a chance of her going down again. But it looks good!!
As we were leaving, the front desk girl said to Steph "it's you, she lights up when you come".

This little puppy has taught my daughter (and me) so many lessons.

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  1. Was so happy to read the good news about Bella I had tears of joy. Hope she continues to do well.Will keep praying for Bella and Steph.If Steph has carpating were she lives she may want to get it steam cleaned. Continue to Bark Bella. You go little girl.God is awesome