Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas at the Nassars

Being away for Thanksgiving has put me behind... but I finally finished putting up the Christmas decorations. I have scaled back the last couple of years, but still think it makes the house festive.

The last thing I needed to do was finish the tree in the front room. I did that last night, only to wake up to this:

I knew the tree was on its last leg, just didn't know it was going to break it as soon as I put it up... oh, well, this could really aggravate me. But I am just going to take it down and put the ornaments away for the next year for the new tree I will get on the 26th. And it will be a pre-lit one. :)


  1. bet you'll be at Wal-Mart in the Lawn and Garden section at 6am the day after Christmas!! That's when I bought mine...and I was able to get a new tree skirt and some garland, too.

  2. ROFL. I almost peed my pants. LOL Last year, we got a tree for Autumn's room (prelit) from Dillard's for $20.00. It was a $250.00 tree. We also got a new red star for the top of our tree for $1. :)

  3. looks like the tree was ROFL! "what do you mean by 'one more year!!'"

    house looks festive. the kids decorated here. oh, those dear little elves.