Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jesuit Soccer Tournament

Last weekend was spent at Ed Radice Field (near Citrus Park Mall). Andy's school soccer team was invited to play in a tournament. It's a big one, teams from all over Fl. come to it and you can only come by invitation.
As much as I wanted to take care of last minute things before Christmas, I have to admit it was fun watching the games. These guys are quite aggressive, there were a few minor injuries (mostly to the same kid!), but over all, they were good games.
They played 1 Saturday night, 2 on Monday, then we went to finals and played 2 on Tuesday. The 1st finals game, they had to do PKs because the game ended in a tie. That was nerve racking, but we won!!
They only lost 1 game, but for some weird reason, they ended as 5th.
As I was looking at the pics I took, I noticed this one:
Andy has his hands up as if saying "I didn't do anything to him!"... lol
For the record, he wasn't penalized, so it must have been a 'legal' move.
We got this weekend off, but there is another tournament next weekend. It's Andy's Senior year so I am glad he's getting to play a lot.

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