Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catch up Blog

I hope the 'thought counts' counts because I have 'thought' about blogging several times but never sit and do it! So here is a quick catch up....

Andy turned 19 on January 18th. We didn't see much of him because he had a soccer tournament all weekend. We did slow him down enough to give him his present, a laptop. He is going to need a computer after we move, plus now he doesn't have to use MY laptop! lol

We finally got to go out to dinner and celebrate his birthday. For a few years now, Andy has requested a japanese steakhouse for his birthday dinner. This year we went to Kobe's. Steph came into town for the weekend.
this picture is just to pick on Steph. Although, she DID pose for it! haha

This was also Fred's last weekend with us. He left on Tuesday morning, and if you are on Facebook, you have seen my whining about it. Our Sunday School class is amazing. They had a cake for Fred and some "Texas" decorations around it.

They showered him with cards full of wonderful wishes. Leaving that class is one of the hard things to deal with in the move. Great folks!

Let's see, I think I am all caught up.
After only 3 weeks to the day the sign went up in the yard, we accepted an offer. It's a bit lower than we wanted, but our realtor is confident that the price is what we were going to get. She said we could wait it out 3-4 months and maybe go up the $5000 we wanted, but we would have spent that in utilities and mortgage. PLUS it would be more time that I would be in Florida while Fred is in Texas.
If all goes well, we should close either March 15th or March 31st. It depends on how fast Fred's job can get the movers down to me. I am hoping for the 15th of course. Not only because I am ready to hit the road, but FCAT and SAT2 testing is during the month of March and I sure would not mind missing out on that!
Once again, God has worked in our lives to show us that nothing is impossible to Him. And if we ask in His will, in His timing, He will honor it.
I am a walking billboard for His mercy. God has blessed my family more than I deserve or ever expected, and I will use the rest of my life to show Him how grateful I am, however feeble that attempt will be.

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