Saturday, January 16, 2010

House on the market

Well, the sign went in the front yard last Friday. We had someone come look on Monday, and they keep coming! As of tomorrow, just 9 days in the market, we will have had 6 showings. Now, it only takes one, the one who will buy our house. But the more bites, the better the chances.
I have been doing some 'decluttering', which thrills me! I have cleaned out the tops of the kitchen counters and it's nice and clean. yay! I still have to work in mine and Fred's closets, but that will happen after he leaves, which will be a week from Tuesday.
That is something I am trying not to think about. I am not at all happy to be here without him, but I also think it's going to be a great learning time.

It's only been a week, but the stress of making sure the house is 'just right' every day is a killer! And when I am at work, I wonder if Andy made his bed, did he leave his bathroom clean, has mom made any progress packing her stuff in her room.....
Boy, another lesson I am learning is that I can't be in control of everything! lol

And I have to say, Andy has been pretty good about his room and bathroom. And as long as we stay busy with showings, we won't get 'comfortable' and slip up and leave messes behind us.

I have full confidence that it won't take long for us to sell our house, in spite of the way the market is. That is one thing I have peace about. Now, about the other things, that is a different story! lol

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