Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun day in Jefferson

Mom had been cooped up in the motel for 2 days so we decided to do a day trip yesterday. Tom suggested we went to Jefferson. It's a little town full of antiques shops. Mom would love that (and me too!)
You could get a horse carriage ride, along with 'ghost tours'.....
Old fashioned barber shop... and me.... lol
Jefferson General Store, had really cool stuff!

Mom wanted her picture taken in front of this statue because she thought it was of Thomas Jefferson.... it wasn't.... haha

There were Lots of motorcycles. It was a great day for a ride

Pretty church in the back....
Cool looking building and my favorite drink!
Fred patiently waiting for me and mom to finish looking in the store this cat lived in one of the antique stores. there was a sign on the door that said : do not let cat out no matter what he tells you.... lol

I didn't get a picture of where we ate. It was called "The Bakery". It was mainly sandwiches and soups. They did make their own bread. Very good. I have to come back. There was a lot of places we didn't get to see.

Over all, it was a very nice day!

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  1. That town looks like a lot of fun! I love places like that with "character". Glad you are enjoying being with your man again!