Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home in Texas

This is the town we are in ..... population 999 as of 2008
Well, it's been just under a week and I think we have settled in as much as we can. Below is our little place for now. There is a 2 ft gap that you have to jump over to get in.... lol
Yep, already missing my real bed....

and this is the rest of the place, cozy, isn't it?

There is a shower stall and toilet stall. Just the bare necessities. It is small, but we are grateful Fred's brother had this for us to stay in for free. Mom is staying here:

It's a little motel, but the owners are real friendly and it's clean. Mom even gets cable channels, which is more than we have! lol
We have to come up with an alternate plan real soon.... It's costing us $252 a week for mom to stay there.
We looked at a couple of houses when I got here on Thursday. I am seriously leaning towards one of them and I convinced Fred to let us go look at it one more time. He also asked our realtor some questions regarding the area and property. So I am really hoping we find that this is it. We have until June 24 for our stuff to stay in storage, but more urgent is mom's living situation.
I think it's easy for us at this time to start asking 'did we do the right thing by leaving Fl and coming here??"
I believe we are. We are just getting stretched in our faith. Ouch, it hurts, but we will be stronger in the end. (at least that's what I keep telling myself!)


  1. Me likes....with the CB, and foreign national staying with him....Fred is a sure win for Unibomber of the year.

    Miss ya guys.

  2. hahaha those pictures just make me laugh!!! sorry but you know something greater is coming! love you