Friday, June 18, 2010

The Nassar Manor (formerly known as the haunted house)

I decided I shouldn't call Tom & Rachel's house 'haunted'. Didn't seem like a nice thing to do. :)
Tom has been working on the foundation of the house, supporting it and replacing where needed.
This is the living room. Tom found that there is water damage on the main wall. Will be replacing some of the wood...
windows in living room...
The kitchen, actually a good size...
Laundry area off kitchen
downstairs bath, pretty big too

some creative art work
this is a lamp hanging just under the stairs, pretty classic!

stairway to the upstairs room/loft
more of the room upstairs
this is a little closet/nook... perfect for a little girl's hideaway!!
Like I have said before, this is going to take A TON of work. But Tom really likes doing it himself and doesn't seem overwhelmed about it at all. These are the "Before" pictures, hopefully there will be "After" pictures soon!

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  1. Wow ~ that is a lot of work, but I can see that it has potential! I will look forward to the after pics.